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Our vision is to enable anyone,
anywhere to access excellent quality,
fair and efficient legal representation.

Advocat is driven by its founding values which underpin everything we do.

  • We are honest in everything we do
  • We will make life better and easier for people going through the most challenging times in their lives
  • We are transparent and open about what us reasonable, achievable and what it should cost
  • We are open and receptive to feedback about our services and will continuously look to improve them
  • We look to be a leveller for those who have resources and those that do not
Welcome to Advocat!

Founded in 2021

Advocat was founded in 2021 by Joss Raines. Joss has worked as the Global Head of Strategy and Global Head of Data and Digital for a major Australian bank. In 2019 after needing the services of a range of personal legal services, Joss felt there was a gap in the ability to find a good lawyer, other than by word of mouth. Whilst some of the circumstances in using the services of a lawyer are quite straightforward, others can come at very stressful times in our lives. Advocat is designed to continuously improve the connection between lawyers and clients and to make life easier for everyone involved in the process.

Joss has studied at the Universities of Durham and Cambridge and has studied Digitization at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.